Spatial Graphs Conference, June 6-9, 2013

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Titles and Abstracts

Participants were invited to submit open questions about spatial graphs. The list of problems is here: Questions about Spatial Graphs.


  1. Dwayne Chambers, Topological symmetry groups of small complete graphs
  2. Erica Flapan, Reduced Wu and generalized Simon invariants
  3. Joel Foisy, The conflict graph
  4. Hugh Howards, Forming the Borromean Rings from Random Curves
  5. Youngsik Huh, Linearly embedded graphs with free exterior
  6. Akio Kawauchi, Knot theory for spatial graphs with the degree one vertices on a closed surface
  7. Hyuntae Kim, Links in Linear Embeddings of K8
  8. Hwa Jeong Lee, Exactly 14 intrinsically knotted graphs have 21 edges
  9. Lew Ludwig, Knot Mosaics
  10. Thomas Mattman, Graphs on 21 edges that are not 2-apex
  11. Blake Mellor, Coloring Spatial Graphs
  12. Allison Miller, Tangles and Generalized Ravels
  13. Ryo Nikkuni, Conway-Gordon type theorem for the complete four-partite graph K3,3,1,1
  14. Danielle O'Donnol, Legendrian theta-graphs
  15. Natsumi Oyamaguchi, Enumeration of prime 2-bouquet graphs with six crossings or less up to flat vertex isotopy
  16. Dana Rowland, Book Representations of Complete Graphs
  17. Ayaka Shimizu, Region crossing change on spatial-graph diagrams
  18. Reiko Shinjo, Universal sequences of spatial graphs
  19. Scott Taylor, Graphs, Surfaces and 3-manifolds

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