Special Session on Invariants of Knots and Spatial Graphs

AMS Fall Western Sectional Meeting

UC Riverside, November 9-10, 2019

Schedule of talks (with links to abstracts)


  1. Carmen Caprau, Moves for isotopic singular link cobordisms in 4-space.
  2. Dan Douglas, Classical and quantum traces coming from $SL_n(\mathbb{C})$ and $U_q({\mathfrak sl}_n)$.
  3. Thomas Fleming, Intrinsic Linking in Directed Graphs.
  4. Kate Hake, Geometric Properties of Polygonal Knot Spaces.
  5. Allison Henrich, Knots Related by Knotoids.
  6. Lisa Hernandez, Mosaic number of Torus Knots.
  7. Gyo Taek Jin, Minimal grid diagrams of 11 crossing prime alternating knots.
  8. Hyoungjun Kim, Intrinsic chirality for spatial graphs.
  9. Thomas Mattman, Most graphs are knotted.
  10. Blake Mellor, Finite Quandles of Knots, Links and Graphs.
  11. Kyle Miller, Invariants of virtual spatial graphs based on topological graph polynomials.
  12. Ramin Naimi, n-flat graphs.
  13. Matt Rathbun, Genus 2 Goeritz Equivalence in $S^3$.
  14. Robin Wilson, Topological Symmetry Groups of the Heawood Graph.
  15. Helen Wong, Arcs on Surfaces.

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