PMET Oswego, June 2004

Below are the group worksheets and Mathematica projects I used for my Intervening Year Project, along with my overall assessment of the project (these are all MS Word documents, except for the last worksheet, which I did in LaTeX). These are all very definitely works in progress - while I thought that the worksheets, in particular, were successful, many of them could benefit from substantial revision.

IYP Group Worksheets
Limits Worksheet 1
Limits Worksheet 2
Instantaneous Speed and Tangent Lines
Derivatives of Graphs
Applications of Derivatives
Trigonometric Derivatives
Higher Derivatives
Related Rates
Linear Approximation
Maxima and Minima
Calculus and Graphing
Newton's Method (I only used the first part)
Integration (LaTeX file)

IYP Mathematica Projects
Graphing Rates of Change
Pipeline Construction
Finding Areas


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